Privacy Policy

I value your involvement and respect your privacy.

This statement demonstrates my firm commitment to privacy and discloses all of my information gathering and dissemination practices. Including what information is collected from you through my website and how it’s used.

Contextual Definitions

“‹›”, “the site”, “this site”, “my site”.

These terms refer to the website operating at <>.

“I”, “myself”, “me”, “my”, “mine”.

These terms refer to Jason Caldwell as the owner of the ‹› trademark, and the website located at <>; including sub-domains and other sites providing Services by ‹›.

Contextual references to “you”, “your”, or “you’re”.

Indicates You (i.e., a User, Customer, Contributor).


Anyone accessing a connection to the site, Products, or Services.


People who pay for my Products/Services.


People contributing (normally in a financial capacity) to the development of my Products, thereby supporting ongoing Project development, new releases, bug fixes, enhancements, and ideas.

Official Contributor(s)

People (or businesses) who have helped me with a more substantial amount, recurring funding, or through other forms of partnership. Note that ‘more substantial’ is determined solely by Jason Caldwell.

Article(s), Post(s), Page(s) or Documentation

Refers to all literary content published at ‹›.

Product(s) or Software

Software and other works I’ve created and made available at ‹›; i.e., those that are not simply Articles, and that do not fall into the separate category of being offered as a Service, as described below.


An act or deed performed by Software at ‹›, the ‹› website, or performed by Jason Caldwell following a transaction that took place at ‹›, and only in connection to ‹›.


The organized undertaking of work needed to produce Products, Services, Posts, Articles, Documentation, and other works aimed at producing, releasing and maintaining a Product or Service at ‹›.

Children’s Privacy

I’m committed to protecting the privacy needs of children and I encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities. I don’t knowingly collect data from children under 13; nor do I target my websites, Products or Services to children under the age of 13.

Third Parties

I have never shared Users’ names (or any other information) with third parties, unless a User has specifically requested to receive special offers or promotions with an advertiser found on my website. Or, if a User creates a public profile specifically for the purpose of being shared within an online community hosted or owned by ‹›.

User information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other entity, for any reason whatsoever, without the consent of the User; other than for the express purpose of delivering a Product or Service provided by ‹›.

Community Profiles

Information submitted through forms for the purpose of creating a profile may be shared publicly, depending on the privacy settings specified by the User, from within each community that each profile was created.

I will never share a public profile in any manner that is not consistent with the privacy settings specified by the User that created the profile.

Public Postings

If you, the User, decide to post entries or make other information available through public comments, profiles, photo albums, or in other public areas, I will not be held responsible for whom this information is viewed by, or how it is used by the public. A public posting can be viewed by anyone.

Comments Powered by Disqus

Many Articles on my website include a ‘comments’ section powered by Disqus. These comments are, for the most part, out of my control, as they are hosted by Disqus and most aspects of their service are under their direct control, not mine. Please review the Disqus Privacy Policy.

No Spyware / No Adware

None of the Products or Services created by ‹› contain any form of spyware or adware. However, some software (from third parties) which I may occasionally provide links or references to, is not within my control.

Therefore, third party software may or may not contain forms of adware or spyware. For this reason, I ask that you carefully read all license agreements related to any Product, Service, or third-party.

Data Collected On-Site

Your IP address is used to gather broad demographic information. In addition, I use cookies and 1x1 pixels to deliver better Products and Services, to provide account management, and to better target marketing messages.

Collectively, these tools track anonymous data, and in some instances where personally identifiable information has been provided; to deliver Products, Services, and/or to provide better, more relevant messages to Users.

Registration Forms

Registration requires Users to enter their email address & contact info, which includes personally identifiable information, such as: first name, last name, address, city, state, phone, date of birth, postal/zip code.

I use data submitted through registration forms to send Users information about ‹›, to create online community profiles, and to provide or sell various subscription Services and/or other Products.

Network Security

‹› has put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information that is collected. Various security technologies have been implemented to ensure that external parties cannot access or modify Users’ personal information whatsoever.

Specifically, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is used on all web pages to safeguard online purchase transactions. SSL technology is the industry standard protocol for secure, web-based communications.

While ‹› uses encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, I also protect your information offline. Only assistants who need information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information.

Financial Information

Customer payment information (e.g., credit cards, addresses, or other financials) are all processed securely by Gumroad , Stripe, or PayPal.

‹› does not store financial information on its own servers or in its own databases. Even if you enter your financial information into a form at ‹›, financial data is always stored by Gumroad, Stripe, or PayPal, depending on the method of payment that you select at checkout.

With respect to financial information, ‹› only keeps a security token, provided by, and generated by, one of the aformentioned payment gateways, along with the last four digits of your credit card number as a reference.

‹› contains links to other sites, and advertisements for other sites. I’m not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other sites; i.e., those that are owned and operated by third-party affiliates, partners, or are otherwise outside the control and/or direct ownership of ‹›.

Third-Party Hosting

At times, I provide access to hosted Products and/or Services that allow Users to create websites, products, or services of their own. This can result in a new third-party product or service, which lives in the ‹› network, but is maintained by other Users, or third-parties, or otherwise by persons or entities that are not ‹›.

These areas of the network are constantly reviewed for misuse. However, because these areas are operated by other Users, any exchange of information through hosted Products or Services that are operated by persons or entities other than ‹›, is not subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy — even if the Product or Service making the exchange of data possible, is owned and operated by ‹›.


I use cookies to determine if visitors have seen or used my sites before, or have viewed and/or purchased Products and Services from me in the past. Cookies are also used for tracking advertising campaigns.

In some cases, cookies may be used to store account identification information, or customized User settings and preferences for sites belonging to ‹›. Some cookies may contain personally identifiable information.


If someone abuses my system, I may disclose their IP address and any pertinent information I have about them to law enforcement agencies or other organizations involved in apprehending that person.

I reserve the right to work directly with law enforcement agencies that subpoena ‹› for information related to any criminal investigation.


You may opt-out of all Products, Services, tools, and/or Software that I provide, at any time you wish. To opt-out of cookies, please disable cookies in your browser and/or use a browser that sends a DNT header.

To opt-out or delete all of your accounts, email addresses, profiles, and/or other memberships or subscriptions associated with ‹›, please contact me in writing with a request for termination and deletion.


Daily backups are stored on secure devices maintained by ‹› and hosted by trusted partners. If you decide to opt-out of any or all of the Products and Services offered by ‹›, any information that was deleted may remain on backup for a period not to exceed 90 days. After 90 days, any information in backups will have been permanently deleted.

Additional Policies

Included herein by direct reference:

Other Network Divisions

Other sites and services in the broader ‹› network may have their own privacy policy as well as terms & conditions of use. For full clarification, please review the legal section at each site carefully.

Closing Statements


By using the ‹› website, you indicate that you’ve read and agree to this Privacy Policy, and all other policies included herein. Please read the Terms/Conditions, Support Policy, and Refund Policy.

Future Modifications

I reserve the right to change or modify the current Privacy Policy without prior notice. If I decide to change the Privacy Policy, I will post those changes on this page and update the modification date below.

Note: Any policy changes related to the purchase of a Product or Service will apply only to Products or Services purchased after the date of the change.

This policy was last modified: Nov 3rd, 2017

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