Named Color Picker

Two color-related projects I worked on several weeks ago. One is a library of Named Color Variables in JSON/JavaScript, SASS, and LESS formats. The other is an experimental Named Color Picker that uses the library of named colors.

Named Color Vars

The Named Color Vars library is handy when working in Sass/Less, because you no longer need to define all of your own color codes and juggle them from one project to the next. It’s made easier by associating a name with each color in the library. You can include as part of your project.

Installing Color Vars

See: 2,065 named color variables in JSON, SASS, and LESS formats

$ npm install named-color-vars --save

Named Color Picker (Experimental)

The Named Color Picker takes named colors a step further by introducing an experimental color picker (UI component), to be incorporated into web-based applications. Again, this is still experimental. It needs further testing.

Color Picker Demos & Documentation

See: jQuery color picker w/ 2,065 colors, mobile-friendly.

$ npm install named-color-picker --save


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