Guest Authors

@jaswrks Hi, and welcome! I’m Jason.

In addition to software, ‹› is also a publication, and my readers love articles written by guest authors.

In fact, I often work with and even seek out partnerships with others willing to syndicate their content. It’s good for my readers, it’s good for me, and exposure at ‹› is good for you.

If you’re a publisher with articles that you feel would be of interest to my readers, please contact me and include a link to the article(s). I’ll review and get back to you. While not required, if you’re interested in doing an exchange, please include a list of ‹› articles you’d like to reciprocate with.

Markdown or Raw HTML

I ask that articles be written in raw HTML or Markdown Extra, which supports a mixture of both Markdown and raw HTML markup. If you publish in Markdown I prefer # ATX-style headings.

Author Dashboard Access

I use WordPress and I can give you access. Upon logging in at ‹› you can prepare a draft of your article. I’ll review, approve, and publish. Or, if you already have a site of your own, I can syndicate your content. See: WordPress REST API Alternative and/or Remote Article Content Alternative.

REST API Alternative

If you use WordPress too, I can pull your content using the WordPress REST API. So instead of publishing a special URL just for me, I can simply use WordPress REST API endpoints to pull content from your site into mine.

e.g., <>
See also: Rest API Handbook

Just send me your WordPress domain name and a list of Post IDs.[post ID]

Remote Article Content Alternative

Another way of syndicating your content is by sending me a publicly-accessible URL which leads to a .html file containing only the article body content that you’ve written. Or, to a Markdown file that has a .md extension.

I use the URL you provide to pull content into this site automatically and cache it locally. If your article is written in Markdown, it’s converted to HTML on my end. I then update the cache of that content every hour of the day.

This technique allows you to update the article content remotely in case future edits are necessary. Either as a decision that you make or in response to comments left at ‹› that point out areas of confusion.

Images & Other Media

If you embed an image, use its full URL. Also, all external resources must be referenced over the https:// protocol so I can publish it at ‹› and serve everything with a matching scheme. Or, instead of typing https:// you can use // (a relative scheme).

You can also embed YouTube videos and code from jsFiddle, CodePen, and others — so long as all embeds, links, images, and other media are referenced absolutely; i.e., always use a full URL starting with https:// or //