Jason Caldwell (PHP/JS Developer)

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{ about: ‘Me’ }

@jaswrks I’ve been a full-stack developer & entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. So I’ve worked on projects of many sizes using a number of technologies.

My favorite programming languages are TypeScript/JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.

Aside from ‹src.works/›, I’m known for creating s2Member®, an e-commerce platform for WordPress, and I founded WebSharks™, the company behind Comet Cache™ and WP Sharks™.

Beautiful Alaska 🏔️

I work from home atop Hatcher Pass where the average temperature is lower than you’d like. I love it though — the landscape, the snow, and the wildlife too. Life is adventurous here and that suits me just fine.

How to Follow or Contact Me

I’m @jaswrks at GitHub. You can also reach me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To contact me privately use this contact form. If you’re sending me something sensitive and need my PGP key, follow me at keybase.

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see also: full list of SSH keys at GitHub

macOS & Software I Rely On

I begin my workday on a Mac Pro and I use a fairly large monitor. I also have several VMs that I run locally with Vagrant + Ubuntu. All of my remote servers/workstations run Ubuntu also. See: Ubuntu Bootstrap.

Software I’ve Chosen

Favorite Online Services

Guest Posting / Syndication

Like many publications, I love, and will often work together with guest authors. Therefore, you’ll occasionally see articles published by others on this site. If you’re a publisher, please see how to write articles at ‹src.works/›.